Agenda item

Harbours Budget Monitoring 2019/20

To set out the current position for the Harbour Revenue Budgets for Weymouth, Bridport and Lyme Regis Harbours at the end of October 2019.


To set out the predicted position of the Harbour Reserves for 2019/20.



The Weymouth Harbour Office Manager presented the report summary for 2019/20.


The Weymouth Harbour Budget had been approved with the knowledge that there was a £116,000 predicted shortfall which would be taken from the reserves.  A number of projects had been deferred following a review of the Asset Management Plan. The Chairman asked for reassurance that those deferred items would be monitored.


A commitment of £250,000 had been made from the harbour budget reserve to demolish the Terminal Building, this had not been taken into account in the figures, but would be incorporated at a later date.  There had been some noteworthy variances to the budget predictions which included a number of major water leaks on the Peninsula and a secondary leak on the Cargo Stage.  It had also been necessary to appoint a contractor to carry out the role of the Designated Person.


The number of PWC berths would be increased from 3 to 6 next year, the cost of the installation would be incurred in the current financial year, but would hopefully generate new income from next April.


It was requested that attention be paid to climate change implications when reviewing the pilot boat and take into consideration, where possible, how the boat was powered and investigate lower energy and carbon footprint options.


The Bridport and Lyme Regis Harbour Master presented the budgets for those two harbours.  He highlighted the main variances to the budgets which were predominately related to employee costs, transport, supplies and services, including costs incurred for the Lyme Regis slipway and HRO.  In response to a question regarding dredging costs, the Harbour Master advised that he had requested a higher budget to cover those.

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