Agenda item

Community Safety Annual Report

To consider a recommendation from Cabinet.


Cllr Andrew Kerby, Chairman of the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) presented the report and recommendation in the absence of the Portfolio Holder, explaining that the 3 strategies (Community Safety Plan, Reducing Reoffending Strategy and Alcohol and Drugs Strategy) were required by legislation to be adopted by Full Council.  He welcomed the opportunity to highlight this work and remind members of the Council's statutory responsibility to reduce crime as much as the Police Force and the continued involvement of the Place Scrutiny Committee in developing future plans. 


Cllr Clare Sutton welcomed the crime trend information in appendix 2 of the report that included benchmarking against the rest of UK, however, she was disappointed that the statistical information had not been used fully in any of the strategies.  The statistics highlighted a tenfold increase in incidents of crime in Melcombe Regis compared to the rest of Dorset.  Whilst she appreciated the special circumstances including seasonal influx of visitors, she wished to be reassured that steps would be taken to narrow the gap in Melcombe Regis.


Cllr Andrew Kerby responded that the Melcombe Regis Board had been formed by a predecessor CSP Chairman who had previously written to Weymouth & Portland Borough Council to say that a multi-agency approach would be required to tackle some complex issues in that area in order to deliver the necessary outcomes.  He sought to ensure that recommendations of the Melcombe Regis Board came through to the CSP.  In relation to the statistical information, he advised that all of the documents were in the public domain and crime data was readily available by searching on the internet.


Cllr Jon Orrell asked whether existing policies were working and safe to continue, in particular with regard to the Alcohol and Drugs Strategy.  He provided examples in the report, including the considerable increase in deaths by liver disease which could be reduced by increasing the minimum price of alcohol.  He suggested that the next review should investigate the available international evidence of what worked well.


Proposed by Cllr Andrew Kerby, seconded by Cllr Bill Pipe.



That the Community Safety Plan 2017-2020 (2019 refresh), Reducing Reoffending Strategy 2018-2021 (2019 refresh), including the amendment, and Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset 2016-2020 Alcohol and Drugs Strategy to Dorset Council for adoption as amended by the Supplement for Item 6, Appendix 4 – Amendment of Wording in the Reducing Reoffending Strategy (Page 4 – Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Company) be approved.


Reason for Decision

To ensure Dorset Council met its duties as set out in relevant legislation.


The meeting was adjourned for a short period.

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