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Land South of Leigh Road




Replacement of the first two paragraphs on page 20 with the following:


In part the legal agreement sought to secure the following contribution:

·       £443,938 as a proportionate contribution towards education.


In addition to the legal agreement, a Grampian style pre-occupation condition (no. 15) was proposed to secure off-site works (estimated to cost £500,000) at the junction of Wimborne Road West (B3073) and the Canford Bottom Roundabout as follows:


Update to second paragraph of section entitled Conclusion


Given that the impact of the development on the highway network will not be significant, and will be below the level of impact previously considered acceptable by Dorset Highways, it is concluded that the Grampian style planning condition and the obligation for a £500,000 contribution towards to deliver off-site highway works is not necessary to make this development acceptable in planning terms.


Update to second bullet point in section entitled Recommendation


·       The requirement for £500,000 contribution of works to the Canford Bottom Roundabout /Wimborne Road West junction improvement no longer be required in the Heads of Terms for the S106 Agreement, and


New section to be added after section entitled Education Contribution on page 21


Affordable housing


A contribution of £1.0m was agreed with the developer (paragraph 8.234 of the 20 March 2019 report) following viability assessment. The total financial cost of the contributions sought towards Education and Canford Bottom Roundabout works through the resolved Heads of Terms and conditions was estimated at £943,938, with contributions towards SAMM and local surgeries making the total to £1.0m.  The total contribution now sought towards Education alone is £899,694.  This is a reduction in total infrastructure contribution of approximately £44,000. 


The percentage of affordable housing that will be delivered by this site was set in the previous resolution at 28%, which is below the policy requirement of 50%.  This was justified through a Viability Assessment and supported by EDDC due to the cost of combined infrastructure contributions including the direct delivery of the new on site sports village.  The proposed change in contributions leads to a slight increase in the viability of the site.  The NPPG (ref ID 10-009-20190509) provides support for the review of viability where circumstances change.


Given the circumstances, the scale of the change in viability, and the advanced stage that this site has reached in the planning process, it is recommended that the £44,000 be secured as a financial contribution towards the delivery of affordable housing off-site in the parishes of Wimborne Minster or Colehill. 


New paragraph to be added at the end of the Conclusion section on page 22


The affordable housing contribution sought is based on assigning residual viability within the site as an off-site affordable housing contribution, given that the proposal has become slightly more viable as a result of the change proposed to other contributions.  This ensure that the opportunity is taken to review and make the site more policy compliant in light of changing circumstances, as recommended in the NPPG.  The off-site affordable housing contribution, in combination with the on-site affordable housing previously agreed, is proportionate, fair and reasonable and meets the tests of Regulation 122 (2).


New bullet point to be added to Recommendation A)


·       An off-site Affordable Housing contribution of £44,000 be required towards the delivery of affordable housing in the parishes of Wimborne Minster or Colehill